"This has become my favorite Thursday night out!  I look forward to every show. First of all, the MC Gina Gold, is a comedy queen and a natural on stage. She is unique, intriguing, unpretentious and simply hilarious. She is generous and shameless in her often self-depricating wild stories. There are regular performers, like this one guy Sir Remy omg he's nuts. Also a musical 'lounge act' that covers hip-hop hits delivered on a platter of retro Vegas camp. But always someone and something bold and new each time. Everyone is super cool and the show attracts an awesome VERY diverse crowd. Nothing weird or stuck up. Just freaking awesome entertainment. Actually the dildo raffle could be in the weird category but the crowd loves it..people clamor to have their numbers called. Easy to get to, easy parking, easy budget$, good food and drinks at this location. Highly recommend!"